Our Story

Redefining Modular for the Future

MedModular, an EIR Healthcare product, enhances the quality of life and living through rooms that are on the forefront of technological and design innovations. We’re making hospitals more patient-centric and ready for the future.

The Optimal
Patient Experience

Patient health and happiness is what drives who we are and what we do. From workflow optimization, technology adoption and facility design and development, a vastly improved patient experience make up the core of each room we build.

See How

Intelligent Design

EIR Healthcare collaborates with each hospital to customize the optimal space. Through our technology and design, doctors, nurses and any healthcare professional interacting with patients in a MedModular room are equipped to provide nothing short of excellence within every interaction. EIR Healthcare was presented with a 2018 iF Design Award for our "Hospital of the Future" professional concept.

"Hospital of the Future" Professional Concept
Touchless Operation
Avoiding bacteria and germs through hands-free operation of doors, faucets and sinks
Visual Displays and Monitors
Keeping patients informed every step of the way
Patient Engagement Portal
Educating patients on their condition and providing a checklist for self-care
Handheld Devices
Enhancing patients’ sense of control and reducing stress

A Complete Product, Down to the Last Detail

Our MedModular rooms are customized to the type of hospital or healthcare setting – as well as the patients being served. As an orthopedic patient and a cardiac patient have widely different needs and challenges, our solutions are customized to meet those needs, while elevating the patient experience to another level.

Fully Considered

When a MedModular room is delivered, it is done so with every detail already executed from both technology and space design standpoints, which results in optimizing the efficiency in which hospitals and other healthcare environments are constructed – and completed.

Healthcare Evolved

Imagination rules everything we do at MedModular, from innovative concepts to our five-star service model. We will continue to stretch the boundaries of our creativity to produce that which best serves each person interacting with our rooms.

Innovative Process

Combining engineering with intelligent resources to shape healthcare on a global scale.

Step 1

We collaborate with our client's design team to create solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Step 2

Three-dimensional MedModular rooms are manufactured by the factory.

Step 3

Completed MedModular rooms are inspected, labeled and wrapped before delivery to the client's site.

Step 4

MedModular rooms are stacked on top of each other or inserted into a site-built superstructure.

Step 5

MedModular rooms are connected to the building's infrastructure and each other.

It’s All About Experience

We are healthcare experts with a combined 60 years of experience in the industry. Thus, all of our solutions begin from a place of great empathy for all of the audiences within the healthcare delivery spectrum — from medical professionals to the patients to the hospitals and to labs.


Always Adaptable

Modular design envisions hospitals as a plug-and-play platform in which patient rooms adapt more nimbly to current conditions. Our innovations deliver a superior, cost-effective, globally-leading product, and do so with extreme efficiency, benefiting all who are involved in the construction of any healthcare facility.

The construction industry really needs disruption. It’s the only sector of the economy that hasn’t improved its productivity in the last 50 years.

Our Story

EIR Healthcare was founded in 2016 within NYU’s Innovation Lab to commercialize an engineering concept developed by Gunter Geiger, Dipl.-Ing. to improve hospital workflow and the patient experience. Gunter Geiger, an internationally recognized industrial engineer and father of EIR’s CEO, Grant Geiger, helped transfer lean manufacturing and Toyota Production Processes to the U.S. furniture and automotive industries. During Gunter Geiger’s 40+ year career, he led over 1,000 projects for various clients including. The Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, Knoll, Herman Miller, Wal-Mart and others. During an elective eye surgery at the Universitätsklinikum in Erlangen, Germany, Geiger realized there was a significant process improvement opportunity around hospital design and construction. What began as a routine surgery turned into an evidence-based design study at the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen with Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kruse to develop the Ideal Hospital. What derived from that project is EIR Healthcare and its flagship product – MedModular™.

After years of innovative engineering design work, MedModular was introduced to the market with much acclaim in 2018 and immediately received iF Design’s Professional Concept Award – Hospital of the Future. MedModular is the first patient room in a box with smart room features preinstalled and ready to plug-in. Patient room smart technology and human factors engineering is used to improve aspects including, but not limited to,healing, patient experience, patient outcomes and hospital efficiency. EIR has developed a suite of smart room solutions under the MedModular brand for its three initial target markets: (i) hospitals/clinics; (ii) testing labs; and (iii) life sciences research and development facilities.

Why Modular?
Current construction practices have not kept pace with global technological advances and EIR’s founder recognized that today’s expensive, slow and low-tech process was ripe for disruption. EIR designs, engineers, manufactures and delivers state-of-the-art, modular smart-room solutions at a significantly lower cost in a much more attractive timeframe than traditional construction. With its MedModular construction process, EIR can deliver high quality, fully compliant modular building solutions with more precision and consistency, revolutionizing the industry. From workflow optimization, technology adoption, and facility design and development, EIR has the solutions to drive maximum efficiency for its customers all across the healthcare ecosystem, including hospitals, labs and life sciences companies.

For years, technology innovation has outpaced traditional construction methods. While arguably all construction could benefit from innovation, the highly engineered specifications in healthcare are particularly challenging to control on-site. As a result, healthcare construction is notoriously expensive, error prone and delayed. Aging hospitals, growth in outpatient clinics and large investments in testing labs and life sciences R&D are all driving market demand for new construction solutions in healthcare. These market trends provide a compelling backdrop and demand for EIR’s solution: innovative modular construction for the healthcare ecosystem.